Internet Resources
This is a general listing of some of the resources available through the Internet.
  Always remember two important facts:
1) The Bible is the only reliable source of religious instruction.  The large majority of Internet sites may contain teachings that go beyond (or come short of) biblical teaching.
2) There is a dangerous belief that, just because something is published, it is true.   This has become especially hazardous with the development of the Internet.   Much of the information that is transmitted by e-mail or over the Internet is false.
We highly recommend that you download the resources available from

World Wide Study Bible
NET Bible
Still Voices
World English Bible (WEB)
eBible listing
Virtual Christianity: Listing of Online Bibles
The Septuagint

General Bible Studies
"Bible Page" Links
The Old Paths Archive (maps and timelines)
International Turkey Network - NT Timeline in Turkey

History, Early Writers
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Crosswalk (various)
Early Christian Writings
Early Church "Fathers" after the 39 vol. set
Christian History Tutor
Bible History Online
Ecole Initiative
Hall of Church History
The Story of the Church
Christian History Institute
Biographical Sketches of Memorable Christians of the Past

Concordances/Search Engines/Topical Bibles
Bible Gateway (Concordance/Search)
Nave's Topical Bible
Crosswalk (search various translations)
Crosswalk (various concordances)

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias
World Wide Encyclopedia of Christianity
Bible Dictionaries
Crosswalk (various)
Condensed Biblical Cyclopedia

Language Tools
Greek Lexicon
Hebrew Lexicon

Classic Bible Commentaries
Matthew Henry's Commentary
Crosswalk (various)

Audio Bibles
Audio Treasure

Bible Atlas Online
New Testament Gateway listing
Interactive Bible
Larry Wood
PowerPoint Bible Maps
Israel A-D
Israel E-J
Israel K-R
Israel S-Z

Other resources
Encarta: Bible
Bible Places listing: Christianity
Bible Time Line
NT Documents; Are They Reliable? (F.F. Bruce)
Introduction to the New Testament
When were the books of the NT written?
NT books by date written
Biblical and Religious Art and Music
Creeds of Christendom
Cyber Library
Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Western Theology
Modern Western Theology (1650-present)
Websites for Religion (Hampshire College)