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Mount Marty College, Watertown

ART 250: Art Appreciation (3 credits)
Time: Thursdays, 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Instructor: Gary Witcher
Phone: 886-4559 (W) 882-2370 (H)

Course Description: Art Appreciation is a comprehensive look at the historical context of art in the Western World. Visual elements of art and the principles of design will be explored in two and three dimensional art forms.

Course Objectives/Goals: This course is intended to help the student develop the following:
1. a fundamental knowledge of the basic elements of art
2. an awareness of how historical context influences art
3. a sense of art evaluation, including recognition, appreciation and enjoyment of   works of art

Required Text: Buser, Thomas. Experiencing Art Around Us. 1st ed. West Publishing Company, 1995.

Course Policies:
1. Course time will be devoted to lecture, discussion and viewing of visual materials. Because of the visual nature of the course and the reliance on class discussion, it is important that the student be present for each session. More than two unexcused absences will drop student one letter grade for the course. Missed lectures may be taped and make-up tests may be taken, but the student can never recover what has been lost in terms of knowledge, understanding and appreciation.
2. Five tests will evaluate knowledge of information covered since previous exam. There is no comprehensive midterm or final. Most questions will be multiple-choice or short-answer.
3. Students who miss a test will have until the next class period to make it up, or they will receive a zero for the exam. Copies of missed tests will be left in the college office (see Linda or Jane).
4. The 5-8 page research paper will evaluate an art work, an artist or an art movement. Late papers will not be accepted without special approval. All sources must be properly credited. Plagiarism will result in a zero for the paper.
5. The instructor reserves the right to alter the syllabus over the course of the semester. Changes in scheduled activities will be announced in class; it is up to the individual student to keep abreast of these changes.

A = 90-100 % 60% tests
B = 80-89 % 20% class participation
C = 70-79 % 20% research paper
D = 60-69 %
F = 59% or below grades rounded up from half point

Class Schedule:
9/2 1) introduction; What is Art? (chapter 1)
9/9 2) subjects/styles and cultural expression (chapters 2-3)
9/16 3) test wks 1,2; line, shape, mass/light, color (chap. 4-5)
9/23 4) surface & space/ design (chap. 6-7)
9/30 5) test weeks 3,4; drawing (chapter 8)
10/7 6) printmaking (chapter 9)
10/14 7) painting (chapter 10)
10/21 8) photography/film (chapters 11-12)
10/28 9) test weeks 5-8; sculpture (chapter 13)
11/4 10) application of design (chapter 14)
11/11 11) architecture (chapter 15)
11/18 12) test weeks 9-11; ancient and medieval (chapter 16)
12/2 13) expanding horizons (chapter 17)
12/9 14) early modern world/2nd half 20 cent. (chapters 18-19
12/16 15) test weeks 12-14; art world (chapter 20)