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Mount Marty College, Watertown

ART 286: Computer Graphics (2 credits)
Time: 4:30p.m.-6:15 PM
Instructor: Gary Witcher
Phone: 886-4559 (W) 882-2370 (H)

Course  Description: Computer graphics play an integral role in web pages and multimedia presentations. Most commercial graphics operations are now carried out entirely by computer. And the computer is finding ever-increasing usage in fine arts. This course provides instruction in the use of Paint Shop Pro as a foundation for creation of graphic art for applications in business, internet and education.

Course  Objectives: This course is intended to help  the  student develop skills four areas:
A. drawing/painting with the computer
B.  manipulating computer images
C. design applications (letterheads, etc.)
D. multimedia and web applications

Required Text: Clark, T. Michael. Teach Yourself Paint Shop Pro in 24 Hours

Course Policies
1. Course time will be devoted to demonstration, practice and application. Students are expected to attend all class sessions. If you must miss because of illness or emergency, I will expect a call so that we can discuss the absence in advance of the class meeting. Assignments may be made up one week after the absence.Each absence over two may reduce the "class participation" portion of the grade by one letter. Partial attendance may be counted as an absence.
2. Turn in all assignments by the due date.
3. Plagiarism (submitting another person's work as you own) and academic dishonesty (copying another person's lab or exam, i.e. cheating) will result in the student's failure in the course.
4. The instructor reserves the right to alter the syllabus over the course of the semester. Changes in scheduled activities will be announced in class; it is up to the individual students to keep abreast of these changes.

Course Evalutation Method: Assigned projects will be associated with various stages of instruction. The final grade will be determined by these projects and class participation:
40% attendance and class participation
60% projects
Grading of projects will follow the scale below.
A = requirements met plus two additional samples
B = requirements met plus one additional sample
C = requirements met on time
D = requirements no met
F = project not done

Schedule of  Topics:
orientation to network and introduction to software
Paint Shop Pro - tools, preferences, menus, opening, saving, printing, creating image
Paint Shop Pro - editing, drawing and painting tools, color, effects
Paint Shop Pro - layers, masks, channels, tubes, filters
Paint Shop Pro - special effects, retouching, color correction, composition
graphic design basics
graphic design basics
logo, letterhead, business card
advertising; poster, brochure
graphics for the web