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Great Books Online (Bartleby)
Bartleby References
New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy (from Bartleby)
Cambridge History of English and American Literature (from Bartleby)
Gradesaver Online Study Guides
EyeWitness to
History Learning Site
Perseus Digital Library
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Western Civilization - From Prehistory to the Reformation (Gerhard Rempel - Western New England College)
Western Civilization - From the Reformation to the Present (Gerhard Rempel - Western New England College)
Internet History Sourcebooks Project
The History Beat
The History Net
Creative Impulse
Internet Public Library
Internet Classics Archive
Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History
Shadara's Ancient World
Ancient Worlds
World History: conflict, attitude and changing religion (Frank Smitha)
Women in Literature
National Museum of Women in the Arts
Electronic resources for classicists : second generation
Hanover Historical Texts Projects
Online Medieval and Classical Library
New Hampshire Public Television
The Voice of the Shuttle
Myths and Legends
Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean (Minoan and Mycenaean)
World Cultures (Richard Hooker)
Reed College Humanities 110
Weid's Listing (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome)
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (CNN)
The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (Alaa K. Ashmawy)
Odyssey Online (Emery University)
Edgar L. Owen - This is a commercial antiquities dealer, but he has good images.
Mike's Religion Page
Sacred Sites
Great Buildings
Archaeology and Architecture
World-Wide Arts Resources
Milieux: The Costume Site
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Catholic Encyclopedia
Classical Net
History of Provence-Beyond
Spartacus Educational
Oregon State Philosophy Dept.
CNN - Millennium
BrainyEncyclopedia - list of artists
History for Kids
EyeWitness to History
Web Gallery of Art
Mosaic - Houghton Mifflin
Bulfinche's Mythhology
Channel Four
Biblioteca Arcana
World Civilizations
History Resources
The Online Books Page
Internet Resources for the History of Medicine
The Classics Pages
Biblioteca Arcana
California Digital Library

Periodical Historical Maps

Ancient Maps
Henry Davis

Literary Works
Project Gutenberg
Online Texts
Cliffs Notes (locate a work and then click on "view free")
World Wide School
CIAS Encyclopedia of General Knowledge

Music History 102 (Internet Public Library)
Chronology of Western Music History
1000 Years of Music (NPR)
Music History Resources
Free Music Resources
Columbia University Music Humanities (click on the CD number and then on "text")
Karadar (many pop-ups)
Classical Music Pages
Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra (Peter Brien) - concert notes about some composers and works
Classical Notes
Early Music FAQ
Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music
Classic Cat

The Opera-hater's Guide to Opera
Some opera tunes used in sound scores and popular songs
Web Operas
Opera Index
Opera Synopses (Arizona Opera)

Historical Ballet Notes
Andros on Ballet

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Ancient Wisdom