Mount Marty
Watertown Campus
ART 250
2 credits

drawing and Painting

painting supplies

Instructor: Gary Witcher
Phone: 886-4559 (W) 882-2370 (H)

Course Description: Drawing and Painting is a basic course on drawing and painting for beginners. The semester begins with basic techniques in realistic drawing followed by painting techniques..

Course Objectives/Goals: This course is intended to help the student develop the following:
1. an understanding that drawing involves observation and practice.
2. an ability to apply art fundamentals.
3. an awareness of various techniques, materials and subject matter.
4. application of the above to painting.

Required Text: Dodson, Bert. Keys to Drawing. 1st ed. North Light Books, 1990.

Course Policies:
1. Course time will be devoted to discussion and drawing/painting. Because of the studio nature of the course, it is important that the student be present for each session. More than two unexcused absences will drop student one letter grade for the course. Missed discussions may be taped and studio projects may be completed outside of class, but the student can never recover what has been lost in terms of critique, analysis and exchange of ideas.
2. One completed drawing will be required at the conclusion of each of the first 11 sessions. Two completed paintings will be required for the final four sessions.
3. Final grade will be influenced by attendance, application of instructions, work habits, demonstrated grasp of subject, punctuality with assignments.
4. The instructor reserves the right to alter the syllabus over the course of the semester. Changes in scheduled activities will be announced in class; it is up to the individual student to keep abreast of these changes.

A = outstanding work - all work completed satisfactorily and on time
B = high quality work - all work completed satisfactorily and on time
C = satisfactory work - all work completed satisfactorily and on time
D = passing - most work completed satisfactorily and on time
F = unacceptable and/or not completed work

Class Schedule:
  1) introduction; fundamentals of art; knowing vs. seeing (chapter 1)
  2) contour drawing (chapter 1)
  3) artist’s handwriting; various media (chapter 2)
  4) artist’s handwriting; various media (chapter 2)
  5) artist’s handwriting; various media (chapter 2)
  6) proportion: figure (chapter 3)
  7) light (chapter 4)
  8) proportion: architecture (chapter 5)
  9) texture (chapter 6)
10) pattern; design (chapter 7)
11) color
12) painting
13) painting
14) painting
15) painting

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