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ART 240
2 credits


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Instructor: Gary Witcher
Phone: 882-2370 (H) 886-4559 (W)

Course Description: Art for elementary teachers provides a basic framework for the formation of an organized program of art development for elementary students. The course involves discussion of this framework plus experience with the projects used in its implementation.

Course Objectives: By the end of this course, students should have:
1. Developed the skills needed to create program of art education based on specific goals and objectives.
2. Gained an understanding of the purpose of art education and learned how to develop projects designed to meet the objectives set.

Optional Text: Wachowiak, Frank. Emphasis Art.

Course Policies:
1. Course time will be devoted to the creation of various art projects and discussion of the purpose behind each project. Students are expected to attend all class sessions. If you must miss because of illness or emergency, I will expect a call so that we can discuss the absence in advance of the class meeting. More than  two unexcused absences  will drop  student one letter grade  for  the course.
2. Turn in all assignments by the due date.
3. Plagiarism (submitting another person's work as you own) and academic dishonesty (copying another person's lab or exam, i.e. cheating) will result in the student's failure in the course.
4. The instructor reserves the right to alter the syllabus over the course of the semester. Changes in scheduled activities will be announced in class; it is up to the individual students to keep abreast of these changes.

Course Evaluation Method: The instructor will assign a grade based on the following criteria. Two projects, including notebook pages describing them, will be completed for each class period and collected the following session for grading. The final grade will be determined by the notebook, projects and class participation. Although grading of art projects is always subjective, the following guideline will be followed as closely as possible. Note: It is expected that all students will take an active part in class discussions and class activities.
A - extra effort exhibited in completing project and notebook page - all assignments done
B - extra effort exhibited in completing project or notebook page
C - requirement completed for project and notebook page
D - project or notebook page not competed
F - project and notebook page not competed

Class Schedule
4:30-4:40 presentation of project
4:40-5:20 work on project
5:20-5:30 break
5:30-5:40 presentation of project
5:40-6:15 work on project

Week 1: 1) general activities (name mat, portfolio, sketchbook) 2) basic drawing
Week 2: 3) hand design/name design/texture design  4) puppets
Week 3: 5) construction paper line drawing  6) 2-D design
Week 4: 7) masks  8) paper making
Week 5: 9) thumbprint drawing 10) compass design
Week 6: 11) const. paper weaving 12) string print
Week 7: 13) crayon figure drawing 14) overlapping drawing
Week 8: 15) clay modeling (pottery)  16) glue print
Week 9: 17) still life 18) spray mural
Week 10: 19) sandpainting 20) cardboard print
Week 11: 21) perspective  22) const. paper mosaics
Week 12: 23) const. paper shape pictures/collage 24) styrofoam printing
Week 13: 25) drawing houses, shapes 26) crayon resist/scratchboard
Week 14: 27) kaleidoscope design 28) const. paper strip animals
Week 15: 29) painting 30) cartoons



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