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Mount Marty College/Watertown Campus

Course Title: Integrating Internet Resources for Use in the Classroom (2 grad. credits)

Course Description: In this computer workshop students will explore available on-line resources for a variety of subject areas (history, social studies, geography, art, music, literature, science, math), and construct their own web pages as a method of consolidating those resources. Students begin with a review of the basic history of the internet and an explanation of some common terms. Legal considerations and copyright concerns will also so covered before students learn how to use search engines and work in teams to construct their own web page.

Rationale: As more and more teachers find themselves with internet connections in their classrooms the challenge has quickly become learning how to effectively wade through and integrate on-line resources in a way that makes them useful in the classroom. To avoid having expensive equipment gathering dust, teachers must learn where to find resources and how to make what they find available to students in the classroom. Constructing web pages to organize key resources is one way to accomplish this.

Course Objectives: By the end of the workshop participants will:

demonstrate knowledge of the history of the internet and basic terminology.

use a variety of search engines to discover on-line resources for a variety of areas, but specifically for their areas of interest (history, social studies, geography, art, music literature, science, math).

construct and demonstrate (with a partner) a web page of consolidated resources.

Course Content: The following schedule applies to the 30 hour (5 day) workshop.

Day 1 AM: Introduction, history of the internet, copyright and legal considerations, basic terms
Day 1 PM: Search engines, web pages introduced.
Day 2 AM: Search engines, hunt for sites, how to construct a web page
Day 2 PM: Students work in pairs on a web page.
Day 3 AM: Continue web page
Day 3 PM: Complete web page
Day 4 AM: Group demonstrations
Day 4 PM: Group demonstrations
Day 5 AM: Group demonstrations
Day 5 PM: Group demonstrations