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Advanced Integration of Internet Resources for Classroom Use (2 graduate credits)
Summer Workshop
Mount Marty College/Watertown Campus

Course Title: Advanced Integration of Internet Resources for Classroom Use (2 grad. credits)

Instructor: Gary Witcher

Course Description: In this computer workshop students will use advanced web page development tools (frames, Java, sound, video) to construct their own web pages. They will then place these pages on the web using free hosting sites.

Rationale: As internet resources become more sophisticated they present unique challenges for the classroom teacher. On one hand, new technology is constantly expanding the educational potential of internet use. However, increased knowledge and skills are required to use these tools to their maximum potential. Actually using advanced technology to construct web pages provides teachers with first-hand knowledge of these tools.

Course Objectives: By the end of the workshop participants will

demonstrate knowledge of frames, Java and audio/video web tools.

use ftp to administer a web site.

construct and demonstrate (with a partner) a web page using advanced tools.

Course Content: The following schedule applies to the 30 hour (5 day) workshop.

Day 1 AM: Review basic web construction
Day 1 PM: Advanced tools and remote site management introduced
Day 2 AM: Examine sample sites
Day 2 PM: Students work in pairs on a web page
Day 3 AM: Continue web page
Day 3 PM: Complete web page
Day 4 AM: Group demonstrations
Day 4 PM: Group demonstrations
Day 5 AM: Group demonstrations
Day 5 PM: Group demonstrations