Mount Marty
Watertown Campus
EDU 376
2 credits

integrating tech. teaching/learning

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Windows XP

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Publishing (Pagemaker)

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Instructor: Gary Witcher
Phone: 886-4559 (W) 882-2370 (H)

Course Description: The course focuses on how to use computers in the regular classroom for remedial, gifted and regular classroom work. Students will learn to use current available software and hardware as instructional tools in today's schools.

Course Objectives/Goals:
1. demonstrate how to use a variety of software for classroom use.
2. use a variety of technological hardware to assist the learning process.
3. use software for administrative purposes such as grading, reporting to parents and test development.
4. define computer and technological terminology.
5. use the computer with large groups, small groups and individuals for remediation, acceleration and practice.

Required Text: none

Course Policies:
1. Course time will be devoted to demonstration, discussion and hands-on participation. Because of the reliance on hardware and software, it is important that the student be present for each session. Assignments missed due to absence may not be made up except for justifiable absences. (Whenever possible, the instructor or office should be contacted before the missed class.) Assignments may be made up one week after the absence. Partial attendance may be counted as an absence.
2. Students who miss the test will have until the next class period to make it up, or they will receive a zero for the exam. Copies of the test will be left in the college office (see Linda or Jane).
3. All students are expected to know and abide by computer lab rules posted in room.
4. The instructor reserves the right to alter the syllabus over the course of the semester. Changes in scheduled activities will be announced in class; it is up to the individual student to keep abreast of these changes.

attendance/participation @ 100 points per session 1500
8 projects @ 100 points each 800
individual presentation (article, software, innovation) 100
2160-2400 = A (all assignments done)
1920-2159 = B
1680-1919 = C
1440-1679 = D
1439 and below = F

Class Schedule:
1) introduction; Windows XP
2) word processing
    *letter to parents
3) drawing
4) desktop publishing
5) data base
    *class list/mail merge
6) spreadsheet
    *grade book
7) multimedia
8) testing program
9) testing program
10) Powerpoint
11) Powerpoint
12) Internet
13) computer graphics
14) computer graphics
15) extra assistance

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