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South Dakota Department of Education

          South Dakota Office of Educational Technology         

          South Dakota Technology and Innovation in Education (TIE)           TIE 98
South Dakota EdWeb

Free - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

Earobics Sites For Teachers Starfall
Shapebooks (elementary) Best Ed Sites AOL At School
     Teaching with electronic technology      Kanawha County School District
     (check "Sites For Learning" and "Educator's Corner")
2learn teacher tools Spartanburg School District University of North Texas
Teaching with the Web      Kentucky School Media Association      International Society for Technology in Education    
Disney's Surf Swell Education World Funbrain
Favorite Lessons Paula's Archives (art lessons) DiscoverySchool.com
Flashcard maker Teacher's Pet Nicolas Academy
Home and Education Pink Monkey
(lots of advertising)
Place the States
Animal Noises Kid's Earsth (NASA) International Children's Digital Library
Seusville Internet 4 Classrooms Jan Brett

Virtual Tours

Bizland Folk and Art Lore Musuen Smithsonian American Art Musuem
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Education World Virtual Egypt
Glencoe Oldies and Goodies (list) Middleschool.net

Puzzles, Games

Puzzlemaker Educational Free Software (Jeopardy) Teacher Created Jeopardy
Online Games Shambles  


          Shapes (Funbrain)           Hellam Highline Advanced Math Program (grades 5-7)

321 Know Math          

Tiscali Reference Math World Paul's Online Math Notes (college) Math Goodies
  AAA Math (grades K-8) Math League
Figures and Polygons

Online Site Management

Moodle - free online course management system

Security (password protection)          Scripts             Misc.
Moonlight Free CGI Scripts Linux Guruz
JavaScript Kit    
Experts Exchange    

Chat Software

ICQ        ChatPOP - free version        ChatSpace
Parachat - time limited beta   Abbottchat - $29   DaveCentral Listing

Other Educational Technonolgy

    samples of educational wikis    
    BusinessWeek article