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Mount Marty College - Watertown Campus
IT 286WI Basics of Web Page Design - 2 credits

Instructor: Gary Witcher

Course Description: Students will be introduced to basic methodology in construction of effective and appealing web pages for business and personal use. Included will be a review of the basic history of the internet, common terminology, legal and copyright considerations, search engines and HTML. Individual and group projects and written tests will provide assessment data.

Course Objectives: Students will
1. demonstrate knowledge of the history, terminology, and legal considerations that apply to the internet and web site design.
2. use a variety of search engines to discover on-line resources for a variety of areas.
3. construct and demonstrate a variety of web pages using consolidated resources.

Textbook: Niederst, Jennifer - Web Design in a Nutshell O'Reilly & Associates:
On-line Text: Web Style Design: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites by Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton ( Yale University Press.

Course Policies:
1. Course time will be devoted to demonstration, discussion and hands-on participation. Because of the reliance on hardware and software, it is important that the student be present for each session. Assignments missed due to absence may not be made up except for justifiable absences. (Whenever possible, the instructor or office should be contacted before the missed class.) Assignments may be made up one week after the absence. Each absence over two may reduce the "class participation" portion of the grade by one letter. Partial attendance may be counted as an absence.
2. All students will be oriented to the Lake Area network system at the first class for login, password, and network information. Attendance is mandatory for this session.
3. The instructor reserves the right to alter the syllabus over the course of the semester. Changes in scheduled activities will be announced in class; it is up to the individual student to keep abreast of these changes.

Course Outline:
Class 1: Orientation to the system introduction to software
Class 2: Page Design: basics/HTML
Class 3: Page Design: text
Class 4: Page Design: backgrounds/graphics
Class 5: Page Design: image maps
Class 6: Page Design: frames
Class 7: Page Design: tables
Class 8: Page Design: forms
Class 9: Page Designs: multimedia - JAVA
Class 10: Page Design: multimedia - music/video
Class 11: demonstration of pages
Class 12: Site Design
Class 13: Site Design
Class 14: Site Design
Class 15: demonstration of sites