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Dictionary of the History of Ideas
World Civilizations
Western Civilization - From the Reformation to the Present (Gerhard Rempel - Western New England College)
Great Books Online (Bartleby)
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Cambridge History of English and American Literature (from Bartleby)
Country Studies - Library of Congress
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Ancient Wisdom
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
Yahoo listing of many other sites - Middle Ages/Renaissance
Another Yahoo listing - European History
History of the Monarchy (official British site)
Royal History
Baronage (Kings of England and Scotland)
Medici Family Tree
Victorian Web
Women Who Lead
Web Gallery of Art
Houghton Mifflin listing
The Shaping of the Modern World (Brooklyn College)
Eighteenth-Century Resources
Internet History of Science Sourcebook
Internet Resources for the History of Medicine 16th Century  17th Century  18th Century
Teacher Oz's - Castles, Plague, Witch Trials, the Church, Royalty
Fitchburg State College

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