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	1. Instructor was well-prepared and organized in class.
	2. Instructor gave clear and helpful explanations.
	3. Instructor was reasonably available to help students outside class.
	4. Instructor gave exams/projects/papers which accurately reflected course material.
	5. Instructor graded exams/projects/papers fairly.
	6. Instructor's use of Blackboard and/or other computer aids assisted learning.
	7. Textbook was clear and readable.
	8. Textbook helped me complete assignments.
	9. The course improved my understanding and skills in the subject matter.
	10. The course increased my interest in the subject matter.
	11. The course was: 
	12. I rate the instructor's teaching 
	13. Overall, I rate the textbook(s)
	14. Overall, I rate this course 
	RECOMMENDATIONS - Your personal comments are needed to assist the instructor in improving the course.
	To you what will be the MOST VALUABLE concept(s) learned in this course (indicate a general or specific knowledge, skill, etc).