Course Guidelines

Cell phones are to be turned off during class.

You should communicate with me through the email address on the syllabus:

Grade book
You must access the online grade book before the second class meeting.  If you have any trouble logging in you should contact me immediately.  You are expected to check the grade book at least once a week and notify me immediately of any errors.  The information in the grade book at the end of the semester is "official" and it is too late to request changes.  I try to post grades by noon of the day following the due date of an assignment, but that is not guaranteed.  I only upload new grades about twice a week.

You are expected to attend all class sessions.  There are no "excused" or "unexcused" absences.  Each class is 1/15 of you overall attendance grade.   If you must miss you must communicate with me or the office.  If you do not communicate with us you may not expect to make up missed assignments.  If you do notify us you may make up assignments within one week of the absence.  Later work will receive a decrease in grade.  Partial attendance may be counted as an absence.

Reports should be printed, double spaced, 12 point type.  They are to be written in standard college paper form, not as bulleted lists or outlines.  They should take up the allotted space.  They must include the expected information.  If you forget to bring a report to class you are expected to email a copy to me as soon as you return home from class.  The textbook does not count as a source.  All sources, including those from the Internet, must be credited correctly.  The report must be in your own words.  Copying and pasting is plagiarism.  This will result in a "0" for the paper plus other possible action.

A missed assignment will receive a "0" grade.  That is not the same as an "F."

All assignments are due on the dates listed.  Late work will result in a decrease in grade.  All makeup work is due by the last class meeting.

You are expected to do all assigned reading.  You are expected to devote the entire allotted time to the class.  If we are watching a video, you are expected to follow along quietly and not talk or do other work.  (Pop quizzes, unexpected test questions or graded video study guides should not be needed to force college students to fulfill these expectations.)

I reserve the right to modify expectations on a student-by-student basis due to extreme circumstances.